Welcome to the Zegna Group Career Center

Title Date Location Business units
Store Planner 3/6/2014 Location/Europe/Italy BU/Retailing (Shops)
Junior Store Planner 3/6/2014 Location/Europe/Italy BU/Retailing (Shops)
Compensation & Benefits Specialist - Shanghai 3/6/2014 Location/Cina BU/Human resources & organization; BU/Human Resources
Junior Graphic Designer Advertising 2/26/2014 Location/Europe; Location/Italia BU/Communication & Image; BU/Comunications and corporate image
Boutique Manager - Shanghai 2/17/2014 Location/Cina BU/Retailing (Shops); BU/Retailing (shops)
MTM Promoter 2/10/2014 Location/Asia/Oceania/China; Location/Asia/Oceania/Hong Kong; Location/Asia/Oceania/India; Location/Asia/Oceania/Japan; Location/Asia/Oceania/Singapore BU/Retailing (Shops)
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